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Lemons to Aid Emergency Fund: Children Helping Children uses simple, but memorable experiences of lemonade stands and other child driven fundraisers to empower children to raise funds, to allocate funds, to make giving a way of life, and to insure the continuity of the next generation of charitable giving.

LTA (Lemons to Aid) Foundation, a Texas non-profit corporation, is a fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation. Donations to Lemons to Aid can be made to the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation. The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation is a public charity under Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Any tax advice regarding a donation should be obtained from your tax advisor.

About Melissa


Melissa Plaskoff’s inspiration emerged during one of those helpless moments many feel when a natural disaster impacts a place on our globe and the news stories following trigger that desire of wanting to help in a tangible way, but not knowing how.

Days following the recent tragic earthquake in Haiti and wanting to shelter her two young sons, Hudson and Parker, from the heart wrenching pictures, Melissa attempted to keep a normal routine for the boys. So when Hudson asked one afternoon if they could host a lemonade stand, a big smile of joy and relief crossed Melissa’s face and she said, “Yes, and the money raised will go to the families and children in Haiti.”

That initial lemonade stand raised over $150.00 and garnered a local television story. Melissa shared the story with several other moms, which then launched the lemonade stand idea through social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Within days Melissa was being notified of plans for children’s lemonade stands, read-a-thons, bake sales, etc. all over the country to raise money for disaster relief, and as a result Lemons to Aid was born. To date, over $50,000 has been raised for charities.

As a result, Lemons to Aid is now on a mission to use the simple, but memorable, experiences of hosting lemonade stands or other creative projects for kids to instill the mindset of service and charitable giving in children at a young age.….because everyone at any age has the power to make a difference.

Melissa’s inspiration for Lemons to Aid doesn’t lie exclusively in the request of her son, Hudson. For years, Melissa watched her mom, Jackie Waldman, travel around the country speaking and inspiring others to find their Courage to Give. Jackie’s book series, The Courage to Give, profiles people who overcame a personal tragedy by volunteering and focusing attention on others. Is it any wonder that this generational influence is making an impact in global way?

Melissa and her husband, Bart Plaskoff, live in Dallas, Texas with their children Hudson, Parker and Annabelle.